Presseinformationen 14. Oktober 1986

Presseinformationen 14. Oktober 1986
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    Presseinformationen 14. Oktober 1986
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    Press Kit: Motor Show Birmingham 14.10. - 26.10.1986: Speech by Dr Ferdinand Panik, Head of Vehicle Research at Daimler-Benz AG. On the occasion of the celebration of the centernary of the motor car at the beginning of this year, Professor Breitschwerdt, Chairman of the Board of Daimler-Benz, gave automotive engineers the target of cutting the number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic bi 50% by the year 2000.; Remarks by Dr. Bernd Gottschalk to the Britsh Press ond 13th October 1986 in the Howard Hotel on the occasion of the Birmingham Motor Show; Mercedes-Benz at the International Motor Show in Birmingham; Mercedes-Benz in Britain: Mercedes-Benz “on target” in Britain; Passanger cars: - Last minute surprise from Mercedes-Benz at the Motor-Show; Wide range of Mercedes-Benz Cars now “mostly new-look”; Commercial vehicles: - Mercedes Powerliner heavies unveiled at the Motor Show: Eleven CV models on display at the NEC; Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles at the NEC. Mercedes 38 Tonne Powerliners with Integrated Drive Line; All new Mercedes big vans score with driver appeal: Easy-access and refinement – uf to 7.,5 tonnes gross; Mercedes-Benz Assistand ponts the way to distribution Efficiency. Motor Show debut for Mercedes in-cab Computer; Examples of research and Technology: Mercedes-Benz to launch Automatic Traction Systems at Motor Show; The Daimler-Benz driving Simulator. New dimensions in safety reseach and vehicle development; 6th Internationa Hydrogen Engery Confercece in Vienna. Daimler-Benz AG: Intermediate report about Fleet Test in Berlin; Daimler-Benz past and present: 100 Years of the automobile. A invention rocks the world; Daimler-Benz today. 100 years of experience in automotive design/facts and figures
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