Presseinformationen 17. März 1986

Presseinformationen 17. März 1986
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    Presseinformationen 17. März 1986
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    Press Kit. Vorstellung der neuen Transporter T2 in Rom 507 D - 811 D 17.03. - 22.03.1986: The new Vans: The new Mercedes-Benz vans 507 D – 811 D. Modern design, high utility value; Good-value Service: The new T2 van series. A major step ahead – In repaier and servicing as well; Modern Design: A cab for professionals. Mercedes-Benz vans, with a well-designed, functional and ergonomic place to work; Graphs: Phanton view Model 709 D, Turning cicle, Longitudinal section OM 616, Output, toque and specific fuel consumption OM 616, Longitudinal section M 102, Output, torque and specific fuel consumption M 102, Longitudinal section OM 364, Output, torque and specific fuel consumption OM 364, Longitudinal section OM 364 A, Output, torque and specific fuel consumption OM 364 A, Crankcase ventilation OM 364 A, Injection pump OM 364 A, Valve train OM 364 A, Manual gearbox G 1/18-5/6.15, Manual gearbox G 2/27-5/7.36, Automatic transmission W 4 A018, Automatic transmission W 4B 035, Power steering LS 3 D, Front axle VL 0/5C-1.7, Front axle VL 1/10C-2.5, Rear axle HL 0/7-3.2, Floating caliper brake; Slides and photos
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