Presseinformationen 19. Juni 1988

Presseinformationen 19. Juni 1988
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    Presseinformationen 19. Juni 1988
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    Press Kit: Besuch von Japanern: Daimler-Benz today; Daimler-Benz High Investment in the future DM 5.3 billion invested in plant, equipment and financial assets / More than DM 4 billion invested in research and development / Consolidated sales up to DM 67.5 billion in 1987 / Gratifying results; Car range: Individualistic transport, quality and progressive engineering. The Mercedes-Benz car range; Technology: Bremen. Daimler-Benz AG's most recent car body and assembly plant., A new dimension to quality and flexibility. An integrated production system; Production: The development of active safety at Daimler-Benz. The art of harmonization; Rear wheel steering today and in future. Steps towards “Intelligent” systems; Active suspension. Driving safety vs. Comfort: Solving the conflict of aims; The development of passive safety at Daimler-Benz. Reality as acid test; Where the future is given shape: The Daimler-Benz driving simulator in Berlin; Three steps towards optimum active safety. The Mercedes-Benz driving dynamics concept; History: Daimler-Benz Museum with a new concept and more exhibition space. Staging automotiv history; The Swabian who put the world on wheels. The man: Gottlieb Daimler; An Inventor with staying power.Karl Benz was a truly pioneering inventor - The conditions of the times were anything but ideal for the motor car
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