Presseinformationen 23. April 1980

Presseinformationen 23. April 1980
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    Presseinformationen 23. April 1980
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    Press Kit. 58. Salon Turin 23.04. - 04.05.1980: Facts and Figures: Mercedes-Benz in Italy; Daimler-Benz today. Significance and Position in the European Automobile Industry; Car range: Enginnered for the future to meet the demands of to-day. The Design Concept of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class; Expansion of Capacities at Sindelfingen plant: New production facilities for the new S-Class; New models in the Daimler-Benz roadster and coupé range: 380 SL/SLC and 500 SL/SLC with Light-Alloy Engines; Perfect Engineering from 2 to 5 Litres: The Mercedes-Benz Car Range; In a nutshell: Design and Function of the A-B-S; Optimising Consumption. Cross-country models; The Mercedes-Benz idea behind the cross-country car; A Mercedes from Graz: High standard of quality in the new cross-county car range. Van range: A Modern Concept of Vans and Pick-Ups from Daimler-Benz. A Made-to-Measure Range of Vehicles for Passenger and Goods Transport

    Fotonummer: 79449-21, 80061-2, C29151A, C29417, C29480, C29481, C29436, C29169, C29153 (80F140), C29412, C29821, C29838, C29883, C21972 (00084005), 80047-13, C27479, 79082-143, 79082-210, 79082-219, 79082-75, C28236, C28226, C28240, 77285-61 (00082652)
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