Presseinformationen 4. April 1984

Presseinformationen 4. April 1984
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    Presseinformationen 4. April 1984
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    Press Kit. Hannover Messe 04.04. - 11.04.1984: Hannover in Brief: The most modern transport technology, and future-orientated Research. Daimler-Benz at the 1984 Hanover Trade Fair, New truck range: Mercedes-Benz 709 – 1120: Broad chassis range for the body industry; Hanover Fair 1984. Mercedes-Benz 709 – 1120: Tailor-made bodies on the advance; Innovations: Optimum handling precision despite superb ride comfort: Mercedes-Benz Mulit-Link independent rear Suspension; A univerals “tool” for driving research: The Daimler-Benz driving dynamics vehicle; High-quality finish, environmentally acceptable and lower on energy consumption: The paint shopo at Daimler-Benz AG’s Bremen works; New requirments necessitate new materials: Ceramics and plastics in motor vehicles; Clean, economical driving: New sensor permit greater precision
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