Presseinformationen 6. März 1986

Presseinformationen 6. März 1986
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    Presseinformationen 6. März 1986
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    Press Kit. Automobilsalon Genf – PKW 06.03. - 16.03.1986: Mercedes-Benz at the 1986 Geneva Motor Show. The most comprehensive car range in the anniversary year. Newcomers to the Motorshow: Leaders in performance and Styling. The new S-Class from Mercedes-Benz; A new star from Bremen: Mercedes-Benz T series 200 TD – 300 TE; Technical data. Mercedes-Benz T-Series 200 TD to 300 TE; The driving dynamics concept from Daimler-Benz. A new dimension of active safety; Car range: Individualistic transport, quality and progressive Engineering. The Mercedes-Benz Car Range; Responsibility for the environment and nature’s resources: Daimler-Benz’s European Concept for Catalytic Converter Technology; Facts and figures: Mercedes-Benz in the Swiss market. Continuing upward trend in 1985; Daimler-Benz today; 100 years of the automobile: 100 years of the automobile. An invention rocks the world; An inventor with staying power. Karl Benz was a truly pioneering inventor – The conditions of the fimes were anything but ideal for the motor car; … and Gottlieb Daimler?
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