Presseinformationen Juli 1986

Presseinformationen Juli 1986
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    Presseinformationen Juli 1986
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    Pressemappe. Vorstellung W 124 in Thailand: The new Mercedes-Benz mid-range series 200 D – 300 E. The technology of automobile manufacture today; A multitude of Details. The safety concept of the Mercedes-Benz 124 model series; Why the W 124 series world be impossible without computers: CAE – Evolution at high Speed; The result of a homogeneous development project: The Mercedes-Benz mid-series, Models 200 D – 300 E; Individualistic transport, quality and progressive Engineering. The Mercedes-Benz Car Range; The driving dynamics concept from Daimler-Benz. A new dimension of active safety; Daimler-Benz Today. 100 years of experience in automotive design/facts and figures; Daimler-Benz: The Path to international rekown; How the breackthrough to the motor vehicle was achieved.
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