COMCL875657 Model series 404

Model series 404

The previous Unimog model series were all designed as tractor units or as agricultural tractors with a diesel engine. From 1955 the model range was extended with the Unimog 404.1. This was a light off-road truck with a petrol engine which was derived from the passenger car range. The vehicle was also known as the Unimog S (S for special model). This fast and capable vehicle was produced until 1972, with a total production of 62,451 units in 6 model variants. A small series for an export order was also equipped with a car diesel engine. The vehicle was particularly popular with fire services and in the non-civilian sector. On the basis of the 404.1 series, several prototypes of the first 405 series were produced from 1958-1961. Modernised and equipped with the cab of the 406 series, the 404.0 series was in production from 1971 to 1980. 1791 units of this model were produced in 4 model variants. With a total of 64,242 units, the model series