PKW1010040 Benz patent motor car (Model 3; 3 hp)

Benz patent motor car (Model 3; 3 hp)

  • Production
    1886 - 1894

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    Der Benz Patent-Motorwagen im Straßenbild um 1890.
    Benz Patent-Motorwagen
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    Portrayal, 1888. Bertha Benz with her sons Eugen and Richard during their long-distance journey from Mannheim to Pforzheim with the Benz Patent Motor Car
    Fernfahrt, 1888
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    A further development of the “Benz Patent Motor Car” with sprung front wheel (1886 - 1894). 
A close look at type III discloses significant differences marking technological progress and simultaneously made it more suitable for serial production. For instance, the vehicle had two forward speeds, the wheel spokes were made of wood instead of wire, the wooden body was completely separated from the chassis, the engine was encapsulated, and the steering was improved. Thus, type III was more suitable for everyday use in every regard. 
Therefore, Bertha Benz used this motor car to go on her "long-distance trip" from Mannheim to Pforzheim. For type III, different bodies were available. For instance, the customer could choose an additional vis-à-vis bench and thus had four seats altogether, or he could choose a folding cover. The driven rear wheels (ca. 125 cm in diameter) had steel rings, while the steerable front wheel (80 cm in diameter) was covered with solid rubber. The wheelbase was abou
    Benz patent motor car
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    Carl Benz has difficulties in marketing his Patent Motor Car – until Frenchman Emile Roger from Paris sets up the first foreign sales office. Through Roger, the type III Patent Motor Car, which still exists today, reaches England in 1889, as witnessed by a plate on the vehicle. It is assumed that it was built by Benz as early as 1888 and displayed at an exhibition of prime movers and working machines at the Isartor city gate in Munich. This vehicle corresponds to the car in which Bertha Benz and her sons go on the first long distance automobile journey in the world. It is the oldest Benz Patent Motor Car that has been retained in its original condition and thus the oldest original automobile in the world. Since February 2008, the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart shows this unique vehicle to the public as a loan in a befitting environment.
    Benz patent motor car
  • 31809
    First contemporary photographic report about a journey with the Benz patent motor car model 3 (1886 - 1894). 
It was published in "Illustrierte Zeitung" (Leipzig) in September 1888.
    Benz patent-motorcar, model 3
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    Kraft- und Arbeitsmaschinen-Ausstellung, München, Werbeblatt für den Benz Patent-Motorwagen (Modell 3), 1888
    Werbung, Benz & Cie., 1888
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    Benz Patent Motor Car, Model 3, with 1.5-hp, 2.5-hp, and 3-hp engines, built from 1886 to 1894
    Benz patent motor car