Mercedes-benz SKK triumphs at in its first competitive outing

  • Date
    29 July 1928
  • Description
    In the Gabelbach race, the first racing assignment of the Mercedes-Benz SSK, Rudolf Caracciola gains another victory and sets a new course record. The SSK (for "Super Sport Kurz”) is a derivative of the SS with shortened wheelbase specially developed for hillclimb racing.
The legendary SSK is made for hillclimbs. As agile cars offer great advantages on hilly roads, the chassis of one S type is shortened to a wheelbase of 2,950 mm in mid-1928. Finally, the engine of the SS is mounted in the SSK, enlarged to a displacement of 7.1 litres and the perfect racing car is born! The Mercedes-Benz SSK makes its début on 29th July 1928 at the Gabelbach Hillclimb in Thuringia. Rudolf Caracciola wins the race straightaway and even establishes a new course record with a speed of 109.3 km/h (67.92 mph). For its start in the racing car category, the wings, headlights, running boards, screens and the top are removed.
Gabelbach Hillclimb, 1928