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Burman, Bob

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Indianapolis-Rennen (500 Meilen-Rennen), 30.05.1911. Bob Burman auf seinem Blitzen-Benz mit 200-PS, dem schnellsten Wagen der Welt. Ein Helfer trägt seine  "Geschwindigkeitskrone".
Indianapolis-Rennen, 30.05.1911
Rekordversuche Daytona Beach, Florida am 23. April 1911. Bob Burman mit einem 200-PS Blitzen-Benz Rekordwagen. Absolut höchste Geschwindigkeit eines Strassenfahrzeuges.
Daytona Beach, Florida, 1911
On 17th March 1910 Barney Oldfield achieves two American records with the 200 hp/147 kW record-making car at Daytona Beach, Florida/USA. He achieves with a flying start what at that time is an absolute world record with a speed of 211.4 km/h (131.36 mph): However, because he only drives the car in one direction, the record is not officially recognised. 
On 23rd April 1911 Bob Burman lines up at Daytona Beach with the car – now referred to by Americans in German as the "Blitzen-Benz". The beach at Daytona Beach is long and wide and hence eminently suited for high speeds. Burman clocks an average speed of 225.65 km/h (140.22 mph) over a flying mile and 228.1 km/h (141.74 mph) over a flying kilometre – a new land speed-record which remains unbeaten until 1919. This makes the Benz twice as fast as the aeroplanes of the day; it also beat the 1903 rail vehicle record of 210 km/h (130.49 mph). The "Blitzen-Benz" spends the rest of the season decked out in "war-paint", with a large German Impe
Record run at Daytona Beach, 1911