Caracciola wins German Grand Prix

  • Date
    11 July 1926
  • Description
    Rudolf Caracciola takes victory in the German Grand Prix on the AVUS track with an average speed of 135.2 km/h. The winning car is the first ever eight-cylinder Mercedes and at the same time the first car designed by Dr Ferdinand Porsche for DMG. The 2-litre eight-cylinder supercharged racing car becomes widely known as the "Monza model", having made its track debut in the Italian Grand Prix in Monza in October 1924. Porsche’s design goes on to enjoy success only in several national races and, as on the AVUS, with a four-seater body in the sports car category.
German Grand Prix for sports cars on the AVUS track, July 11, 1926. Winner Rudolf Caracciola with co-driver Eugen Salzer (number 14) in a Mercedes 2-liter eight-cylinder supercharged racing car make their lap of honor.
GP von Deutschland für Sportwagen auf der Avus, 1926