Frankfurt: debut of the new S-Class

  • Date
    13 - 23 September 1979
  • Description
    The new Mercedes-Benz 280 S, 280 SE, 280 SEL, 380 SE, 380 SEL, 500 SE and 500 SEL 126-series S-Class models are unveiled at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main. A key innovation are the V8 engines from the M 116 and M 117 series, which now feature a light-alloy block. Another newcomer is the 300 TD Turbodiesel (123 series), the first series-produced diesel passenger car on the German market to be fitted with a turbocharger. Daimler-Benz also presents an updated heavy-duty truck range, the most important new elements of which are the OM 422 V8 engine, available in four variants developing up to 276 kW / 375 hp, and a particularly comfortable extra-large driver's cab. Series production of the "New Generation 80" starts in autumn 1980. Another new product is the redesigned generation of the O 303 coach series, presented with an undivided windshield, and the new O 303 RHS and O 303 RHD luxury touring coaches.
Mercedes-Benz 300 TD Turbodiesel
Mercedes-Benz Typ 300 TD Turbodiesel
Mercedes-Benz 126-series S-Class sedan
MB S-Klasse Limousine der Baureihe 126
Mercedes-Benz 1633 S, 1638 tractor units, 1980
Mercedes-Benz 1633 S, 1638
Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Limousine der Baureihe 126
MB S-Klasse Limousine der Baureihe 126
Mercedes-Benz Typ 280 SE
Mercedes-Benz 1638 C
1980 - 1985
Mercedes-Benz 1638 C