Standard regular service bus debuts in Frankfurt

  • Date
    14 - 24 September 1967
  • Description
    Daimler-Benz presents the prototype of the new O 305 standard regular service bus at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. It was designed taking into account suggestions made by the association of German public transport operators, which comprises 170 member companies. Large-scale production gets underway in late 1968. Other new products in the bus sector include an extended variant of the O 302 touring coach with 13 rows of seats and the O 309 minibus with higher roof. Products debuting in the truck sector are the LP 808, an addition to the light truck series, the medium-duty COE units LP 1513 and LP 1517, and the heavy-duty trucks LP 2223 and LPS 2223, equipped with the new 230 hp / 169 kW four-valve diesel engine OM 355.

  • U55271
    Mercedes-Benz LP 2223 (6 x 4) 
platform truck
    Mercedes-Benz LP 2223
  • U55354
    Mercedes-Benz O 305
prototype, urban bus
    Mercedes-Benz O 305