A show of innovations: cars and commercial vehicles

  • Date
    19 - 29 September 1957
  • Description
    An improved product range is presented to the public at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. The key new additions include the 300 model with updated body and fuel-injection engine (internal designation 300 d, W 189). For the first time manifold injection is used instead of direct petrol injection found in the 300 SL. The 180 model debuts in an improved version (internal designation 180 a, W 120) powered by a 65 hp / 48 kW 1.9-litre engine. The 219 and 220 S models are presented with uprated engines and the optionally available Hydrak hydraulic-automatic clutch. The commercial vehicle portfolio is expanded to include the LP 321, LP 329 and LP 326 cab-over-engine truck variants. With the LP 321, meanwhile, Daimler-Benz offers a cab-over-engine truck in the medium-duty segment for the first time ex factory. Also celebrating its premiere is the new O 317 large-capacity bus with underfloor engine and air suspension, which capacity for up to 120 people. The fully enclosed variant of the Unimog (411 series) debuts in a version with a more spacious cab.
Mercedes-Benz 300 d, W 189, 160 hp, saloon, built from 1957 to 1962
Mercedes-Benz 300 d
Mercedes-Benz LP 321, platform truck (cab-over-engine), 1957
Mercedes-Benz LP 321
Mercedes Benz 180 a, W 120, 65 hp, sedan, built: 1957 - 1959
Mercedes Benz 180 a
Mercedes-Benz O 317, large-capacity bus with underfloor engine and air suspension, 1957
Mercedes-Benz O 317
Unimog, model series 411 with enclosed cab model "DvF"
Unimog, model series 411