• January 1917
  • DMG's Berlin-Marienfelde plant shows the first prototype of the A7V tank, built according to a design of "Department 7 Transportation" of the Prussian war ministry. The war ministry commissions the firms Loeb, DMG, Büssing and Lanz to produce 100 vehicles. The first A7V tank is completed by DMG in October. By war's end a mere 23 tanks have been produced in all.
  • February 1917
  • The first units of the K. D. I. 100 artillery tractor are completed at Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. With more than 900 units built, the vehicle, developed on behalf of Krupp and featuring all-wheel drive and a 100 hp / 74 kW four-cylinder engine, becomes the most widely produced artillery tractor of the war.
  • March 1917
  • Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft hands over the first Fdh G II large airplane, manufactured under licence, to the air corps. By July all 18 airplanes of the series have been delivered. Afterwards production of the further developed Fdh G III starts up in Sindelfingen. DMG builds 245 units in all.
  • June 1917
  • Benz & Cie. completes development of the ASK artillery tractor, a heavy-duty unit with driven rear wheels. By the end of the war 105 of these vehicles are produced.
  • 1 July 1917
  • The Sindelfingen plant is instructed to prepare for production of aeroengines. The request is part of a plan by the air corps inspectors to increase production of Mercedes aeroengines and decentralise operations in this area, hitherto concentrated in Untertürkheim.