Benz-Sendling S 6 motorised plough presented

  • Date
    24 - 30 June 1923
  • Description
    Benz-Sendling Motorpfluge GmbH presents the S 6 motorised plough with two-cylinder diesel engine at the Eastern Trade Fair in Königsberg (now Kaliningrad). One of the two exhibits is sold on 29 June for 165 million Marks – before inflation had even reached its peak.
In 1922 Benz develops three prototypes of the new Benz-Sendling S 6 motorised plough, whose sensational innovation is the two-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine. This is the first time a diesel engine has been used on a road or wheeled vehicle. The chain-drive corresponds to the first T3 motorised plough, as does the large, single rear wheel which makes a differential superfluous.
Benz-Sendling S 6 motorised plough