Benz factory in Mannheim enlarged

  • Date
    25 February 1886
  • Description

    Benz & Co. acquire a 3,398 sq m property on Mannheim's Waldhofstrasse. On 24 July the new premises are extended by 588 sq m to a total of 3,986 sq m. The site is urgently needed to expand the limited manufacturing capacity of the factory located in the centre of town. Construction of the workshops and a house for the Benz family begins without further ado.

The Benz & Co. factory plant in the city of Mannheim, ca. 1891. These premises were used mainly for the production of stationary engines, which were in great demand.
The general partnership "Benz & Co. Rheinische Gasmotoren-Fabrik, Mannheim" was converted into a joint stock company on May 8, 1899.
Benz & Co.