Anti-lock braking system for commercial vehicles

  • Date
    26 January - 1 February 1981
  • Description
    In Rovaniemi, Finland, Daimler-Benz presents to the international press an anti-lock braking system for commercial vehicles, jointly developed with brake manufacturer WABCO. The system is offered as a world first initially for heavy-duty trucks and the O 303 touring coach.
Mercedes-Benz O 303
touring coach with ABS in Rovaniemi (Finnland),
Mercedes-Benz O 303
Mercedes-Benz NG semitrailer tractor with ABS
Mercedes-Benz NG
Mercedes-Benz and brake manufacturer Wabco present an anti-lock braking system for commercial vehicles ready for production in 1981. Among the ABS components are the electronic controller with four microcomputers, a pole wheel and sensor for four wheels and four magnetic control valves.
WABCO anti-lock braking system
Mercedes-Benz NG
Truck with and without ABS
Mercedes-Benz NG
Mercedes-Benz O 303
Bus with and without ABS
Mercedes-Benz O 303