Benz Victoria with double-pivot steering system

  • Date
    28 February 1893
  • Description
    Carl Benz registers a "vehicle steering device with steering circles arranged in a tangent to the wheels" with the Imperial German Patent Office (patent no. DRP 73 515 issued on 14 March 1894). This double-pivot steering system is used in the Victoria and Vis-à-Vis models – the first four-wheeled motor cars from Benz & Cie, which supersede the three-wheeled Patent Motor Car.
Patent specification for Benz & Cie. in Mannheim (page 3) no. 73515: Vehicle steering device with steering circles to be tangentially positioned in relation to the wheels. Patented on February 28, 1893, granted on March 14, 1894.
Patent specification No. 73715