Alternative drive systems for vans and buses

  • Date
    3 - 11 September 1994
  • Description
    At the International Commercial Vehicle Show, in Hanover Mercedes-Benz presents the O 350 touring coach produced by Daimler-Benz's Turkish subsidiary and the prototype of the O 405 GNTD, a low-floor duo bus with diesel engine and electric hub drive. The compact hub drive permits enlarging the low-floor section and realising stepless entry and exit in the rear section of the new articulated bus. Moreover, it enables driving two axles, the rear axle and a middle axle. The electric power is supplied by a rear-mounted diesel engine coupled to a generator or via overhead cables. Also having its premiere is the prototype of the Mercedes-Benz 1117 with hybrid drive in which the 125 kW / 170 hp diesel is combined with a 46 kW / 63 hp electric motor. The electric motor is fed by lead-gel batteries which weigh a total of 2000 kg and are fitted underfloor between the front and rear wheels. Already on sale in the regular delivery range are the electric vans 308 E and MB 100 E, available in all the versions in which conventional Mercedes-Benz vans are available. In Hanover the MB 100 E is displayed as a pickup and the 308 E as a tipper. In the crewbus and minibus versions the MB 100 E also sees use as a press taxi at the commercial vehicle show. Setra presents a new combined service bus series with models S 315 H and S 315 GT and the rural service version S 315 UL.
Mercedes-Benz SK 1117
Hybrid (electric vehicle)
Mercedes-Benz SK 1117
Mercedes-Benz duo bus, 1994.
Mercedes-Benz Duo-Omnibus
Mercedes-Benz O 350 Tourismo touring coach, 1994.
Mercedes-Benz Tourismo O 350