Track-guided buses shown in use

  • Date
    8 June - 1 July 1979
  • Description
    Daimler-Benz gives a practical demonstration of the O-Bahn concept at the International Traffic and Transport Exhibition in Hamburg. This flexible system combines the benefits of rail and bus transport and involves automatically guided rail buses moving on their own guideway. Also presented is the S 80, a prototype of a regular service urban bus for the 1980s, designed to provide even more comfortable and convenient transportation for passengers. The knowledge gained through the S 80 project is channeled into development of the O 405, unveiled in the fall of 1983 as a second-generation standard regular service bus.
At the International Traffic and Transport Exhibition in Hamburg, Daimler-Benz gives a first practical demonstration of the "O-Bahn" concept.
Mercedes-Benz O 305 Spurbus
Mercedes-Benz S 80 urban bus, 1979 prototype.
Mercedes-Benz S 80