Bernd Schneider is DTM champion

  • Date
    8 October 2000
  • Description
    Mercedes-Benz CLK driver Bernd Schneider captures the DTM 2000 title in the eighth and penultimate race of the season, the Eifel Race on Nürburgring, coming home second and fourth in this race.
Bernd Schneider
Bernd Schneider
Bernd Schneider
Bernd Schneider
Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, 20 August 2000. Bernd Schneider (car number 1) with a Mercedes-Benz CLK racing touring car. 
Schneider won both races at the fifth DTM event.
Backbone of the rear-wheel-driven AMG-Mercedes racing coupé powered by an approximately 330 kW strong four-litre V8 engine is a tubular space frame, to which the engine and wheel suspension are bolted. An additional safety cage structure, made of carbon fibre composites, surrounds the seat along with headrests, pedals, selector level, steering column bearing and safety belt system.
DTM - Nürburgring, 2000