"Vision SLR" sports car study in Detroit

  • Date
    9 - 18 January 1999
  • Description

    At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan/USA, Mercedes-Benz presents the "Vision SLR", a study of a GT sports car for the 21st century. The "Study AMG" is presented as the future flagship model of the M-Class .

Vision SLR: the Silver Arrow of tomorrow
Front section: stretched hood and wings like bulging muscles
The taut curves of the front wings make the onlooker curios and invite further inspection from a side as well as a frontal perspective. Here the second design theme of the sports car becomes apparent: tradition. Unmistakable stylistic elements from the 300 SL of the 1950s bustle for attention in a new and progressive form and declare in unmistakable fashion that this car comes with a substantial portion of power.
Vision SLR
Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR
Vision SLR