Research car featuring variable bodywork design

  • Date
    9 - 19 March 1995
  • Description
    Mercedes-Benz unveils the Vario Research Car, featuring variable bodywork design at the Geneva Motor Show. Also making their debut at Geneva are the PARKTRONIC ultrasonic parking aid, which will be a standard feature of the S 600 starting in April, and the special SL "Mille Miglia”, which will be offered in limited numbers starting in May to mark the legendary road race of the same name.
Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car, featuring variable body design, 1995.
VRC Vario Research Car
Parktronic system PTS element in dashboard right (electronic parking aid), 1995
Parktronic system PTS
Parktronic system PTS element in dashboard left (electronic parking aid), 1995
Parktronic system PTS
Mercedes-Benz S 320 with Parktronic system, W 140, 1995
Parktronic system
Parktronic system PTS
Parktronic system PTS
Mercedes-Benz SL 320 "Special Edition", 129 series, 1995, with design features of the Mille Miglia, 630 units, interior leather two-tone red-black
SL 320 „Special Edition“, Roadster - R 129
VRC Vario Research Car, vehicle variants, 1995
VRC Vario Research Car