Berlin Motor show: first supercharged production car

  • Date
    23 September - 2 October 1921
  • Description
    Berlin's long-established motor show is staged for the first time since the end of the First World War. At the event DMG unveils the world's first series-built passenger car with supercharged engine in the shape of the 6/20 hp and 10/35 hp four-cylinder models. Series production of the now uprated 6/25 hp and 10/40 hp models does not start until the end of 1922. The supercharger technology is an early example of efficiency enhancement in internal combustion engines. An engine-driven blower forces the petrol-air mixture under pressure into the cylinder so that the cylinder charge can be increased to produce higher output. With the help of supercharging, the first supercharged Mercedes develop 38 hp / 28 kW with only 1.6 litres displacement, and 65 hp / 48 kW with 2.6 litres displacement – over 50 % more than without a supercharger.
Mercedes 10/40/65 hp, saloon, Production period: 1921 - 1924
Mercedes 10/40/65 hp
Mercedes 6/25/40 hp, sports two-seater, production period: 1921 - 1924
Mercedes 6/25/40 hp