Erle, Fritz

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Born on 12.11.1875 in Mannheim. He came as trained locksmith to Benz & Co. on 5th March 1894. He did his first racing with Eugen Benz in 1896: Paris-Marseille-Paris. After visiting Ilmenau college of technology in Thüringen he passed an engineer exam there. After his re-entry to Benz & Co. he worked as a constructor and in 1900 developed first standing four-cylinder engine. In 1904 he undertook management and test department of car manufacture with Richard Benz. In 1907 Erle became the head of racing division. Nevertheless, he took part in racing as driver himself. During the War 1914/18 Erle worked as a manager at Benz & Cie. After the end of the war he undertook management of repair department in Berlin as authorized person. He worked there till his retirement in 1935. He died on 20.11.2957.