First Benz delivery vehicle sent to France

  • Date
    5 December 1896
  • Description
    Two new Benz motor car designs based on the chassis of the Victoria and Vis-à-Vis models are sent to Paris from the Mannheim factory. The two-seater Benz Coupé is the first automobile with an enclosed body and at the same time the first motorised coupé. The Benz "delivery vehicle" with box body is regarded as the first van and is supplied to the "Du bon Marché" department store in Paris.
Benz Victoria: This coupé is a special production based on the Benz Victoria, which is not listed in the then Benz catalogues. The use in bad weather is limited by the lack of a windshield wiper.
Basel, Switzerland
Benz Victoria Coupé
This box-type car, based on a Benz Victoria, covers “15 kilometres an hour and can go up slopes of 10 % with a load of 400 kilograms and 2 persons”, as the catalogue of the time says. Benz delivers the vehicle to the tradition department store “Grands Magazins Du Bon Marché” in Paris, December 1896.
Benz Victoria