Gaggenau takes over Unimog production

  • Date
    June 1951
  • Description
    Under the model series designation 2010 the first unit of the Universal-Motor-Gerät built at Daimler-Benz comes off the assembly line in Gaggenau. The plant took over production of the Unimog from Maschinenfabrik Gebr. Boehringer, Göppingen.
Brochure, Unimog, cover from 1951
Model series 70200, U25
Advertisement of the "Boehringer Bros. machine factory" presenting the "Unimog: Universal-Motor-Gerät" (universal motorised machine) on the occasion of the first agricultural fair after the end of the war in Frankfurt/Main from 29.08. to 05.09.1948.
Model series 70200, U25