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Gottlieb Daimler, by the year 1890 (coloured).
Gottlieb Daimler
Portrait of Gottlieb Daimler by the year 1878.
Gottlieb Daimler
Gottlieb Daimler enjoying a ride in the back seat of his “Motor Carriage”, driven by his son Adolf.
Gottlieb Daimler and his motor car
Fotomontage, Gottlieb Daimler mit Unterschrift.
Fotomontage, Daimler
The origin of the star as the Mercedes trademark goes back to Gottlieb Daimler himself. On a postcard of Cologne and its neighbouring town Deutz, where Daimler works from 1872 to 1882 at the gas engine factory started by Nikolaus August Otto, he marks his house in 1872 with a four-point star. He writes to his wife, "A star will rise from here and I hope it will bring blessings to us and our children".
View, Köln-Deutz, Star
Daimler 12 PS-Lastwagen, Automobilausstellung in Paris, Juni 1898, 2-Zylinder-Phönixmotor 5 to Nutzlast
Fahrt im Bois de Boulogne nach der Ausstellung in Paris 1898. Erster von links: Gottlieb Daimler, vierter von links: Wilhelm Maybach.
Daimler 12 PS-Lastwagen
Gottlieb Daimler and his first wife Emma (her maiden name was "Kurtz").  The photograph was taken by the year 1875.
Gottlieb Daimler and his wife Emma, 1875
Gottlieb Daimler at an advanced age. By the end of 1883, he and Wilhelm Maybach develop a small, high-speed internal combustion engine with an uncontrolled hot-tube ignition system ready for patenting. The next test engine, referred to as the "Grandfather-Clock Engine" due to its resemblance to pendulum clocks, is the final breakthrough in 1884 and appears in various stages of development in the so-called “Reitwagen”, in the Daimler Motor Carriage and in various boats.
Gottlieb Daimler
Daimler family at 1885 on the terrace of their villa in Cannstatt. 
From the left: Gottlieb Daimler, his sister-in-law Marie Kurz, sons Paul and Adolf, Daimler's father-in-law Friedrich Kurz - a pharmacist, Daimler's youngest son Wilhelm, his first wife Emma - named Kurz by birth,  the oldest daughter Emma and finally the second daughter Martha; and not forgetting the dog "Bello".
Daimler family
Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900), born in Schorndorf, as a technical draughtsman in Geislingen at the age of ca. 30 years.
Gottlieb Daimler
Gottlieb Daimler in his study, around 1898
Gottlieb Daimler, 1898
rechts: Gottlieb Daimler neben Wilhelm Maybach auf dem Daimler-Riemenwagen von 1897. Linke Seite, vorne: Adolf Groß, Direktor bei der Maschinenfabrik Esslingen.
Daimler-Riemenwagen, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, 1897
Daimler 12 PS-Lastwagen, Automobilausstellung in Paris, Juni 1898.
Hier stellten (von rechts gesehen) Gottlieb Daimler, sein engster Mitarbeiter Wilhelm Maybach und Meister Bauer, den 12 PS-Lastwagen mit 2-Zylinder-Phönixmotor und 5 to Nutzlast vor.
Daimler 12 PS-Lastwagen
Gottlieb Daimler
Gottlieb Daimler
Gottlieb Daimler im Jahr 1878
Gottlieb Daimler
Drawing for Daimler patent "Device for operating a screw-shaft of a ship by means of a gas or petroleum engine". Illustration from German patent no. 39367 of October 9, 1986
Daimler-engine for boats, 1886
Weltausstellung, Chicago, Ausstellungs- Personalausweis für Gottlieb Daimler. Vorderseite mit Bild, und Rückseite mit Angaben, 1893.
Bleistift-Skizze von Gottlieb Daimler anlässlich seiner Rußlandreise 1881: Himmelfahrts-Newafahrt in St. Petersburg.
Russland-Reise von Gottlieb Daimler
Gottlieb Daimler und seine zweite Frau Lina, geborene Schwend, verwitwete Hartmann, anno 1893.
Gottlieb Daimler mit seiner zweiten Frau Lina, 1893
Gottlieb Daimler and his motor carriage (at the top), and Carl Benz and the patent motor car, 1886.
Daimler motor carriage and Benz patent motor car
Haus der Familie Daimler in Cannstatt, Taubenheimstraße. Blick vom Garten auf  das Haus. In der Mitte auf dem Balkon: Gottlieb Daimer, daneben vermutlich Ehefrau Lina Daimler mit Hund Bello, Hausangestellte.Unten am Balkon rechts vermutlich Paul Daimler, Hausangestellte. ca. 1895
Haus der Familie Daimler
Carl Benz und Gottlieb Daimler
Carl Benz und Gottlieb Daimler
Mercedes-Benz Museum, 1970
Blick in den Ehrenraum. Im Vordergrund das Daimler-Motorrad von 1885. In der Mitte zwischen den Porträts von Carl Benz (rechts) und Gottlieb Daimler der erste Benz Patent-Motorwagen, 1886 und der erste Daimler-Motorwagen, 1886. Ganz links das Portrait von Nikolaus Otto.
Mercedes-Benz Museum
3. Preis im Gestaltungswettbewerb der Daimler-Benz AG, "Daimler und Benz heute", 1971
Elena Lux-Marx und Peter G. C. Lux, Hamburg: Aus einzelnen Leisten modelliertes Relief, die zusammengesetzt einen plastischen Linienraster ergeben.
Gestaltungswettbewerb "Daimler und Benz heute"
2. Preis im Gestaltungswettbewerb der Daimler-Benz AG, "Daimler und Benz heute", 1971
Dieter Seibt, Auerbach: Aluminium-Reliefmodell in Siebdruck.
Gestaltungswettbewerb "Daimler und Benz heute"
1. Preis im Gestaltungswettbewerb der Daimler-Benz AG, "Daimler und Benz heute", 1971
Hanno Rink, München: Ätzung, die auf schlichte Weise die starke Tradition der Daimler-Benz AG akzeptiert und sie durch das gewählte Matrial und die Darstellungskraft in die Gegenwart versetzt.
Gestaltungswettbewerb "Daimler und Benz heute"
National exhibition,Palermo,Part of the Exhibition site."Esposizione Nazionale di Palermo .Sicily 1891-1892. 1891-92 Costruzioni Meccaniche Saronno (Lombardia)."This company was a branch of the Esslingen machinery factory in Italy and general representative of the Daimler-Motor Company in Italy till 1895.Text on the back of the printed image." Gottlieb Daimler with his tramway 1888 at the Palermo exhibition, 1891/92". Gottlieb Daimler is in the group of people in the middle of the picture.Fourth person from the left. The second person from the left is the director of the Esslingen machinery factory, Adolf Groß, at the same time member of the Supervisory Board of the Daimler Motor Company. This picture is a detail of picture 36191. Media and documents were handed over to the business archive of the German state of Baden-Württemberg in November 2014
National exhibition,Palermo,Part of the Exhibition site."Esposizione Nazionale di Palermo .Sicily 1891-1892
First test of the Daimler motorboat "Neckar" on the Neckar river with Wilhelm Maybach (2nd from the right) and Gottlieb Daimler (3rd from the right)
First test of the Daimler motorboat "Neckar"
In 1886 the first Daimler motorboat completed numerous journeys on the Neckar river near Cannstatt (Stuttgart). (In front of the helmsman: Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach)
Daimler-Motorboot, 1886
In Baden-Baden, Gottlieb Daimler presents his motorized trolley-car to the public in 1887. At the front, on the right, is Daimler; at the back, on the left, is Maybach.
Gottlieb Daimler presents his motorized trolley-car
oben: Postkarte, der Stern markiert den Standort der Villa und Fabrik in Deutz
links: atmosphärischer Motor
rechts: Daimler-Benzin-Motor
Gottlieb Daimler (left), Carl Benz (right)
Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz