Levegh, Pierre

  • Surname
    Levegh (real Bouillin)
  • First name
  • Born
  • Died

Pierre Bouillon, also known under the pseudonym "Levegh", was born in a family of Parisian merchant and got an education of an antiquarian. A strong connection with racing sports was developed through a uncle, who successfully took part in the early time of car racing in 1898-1904. Levegh himself was a privateer first in 1937. He drove Bugatti and then in 1938 switched to Talbot. He became famous through his participation at “24 hours of Le Mans” in years 1939 – 1940 and 1951 – 1954, and both times on Talbot. In 1952 he was the strongest rival for Mercedes cars. It was long before later victories of Lang/Rieß. In 1955 he finally got a place behing the wheel of Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR at Le Mans. The racing ended with a disaster as he was blown off the route and drove in the audience. There were over 80 casualties, Levegh himself included.