Presentation of the 180 and the facelifted 170 models

  • Date
    8 September 1953
  • Description
    The Mercedes-Benz 180 (W 120) is presented to the press in Sindelfingen. It replaces the 170 Sb and is the first Mercedes-Benz passenger car to feature a self-supporting body in "Ponton" form. By breaking with the conventional frame construction, the 180 marks the beginning of a new era in passenger car manufacture at Daimler-Benz. On 10 September the first 297 vehicles start out on a rally to the sales and service outlets . Sharing the stage with the 180 are the modified 170 S-V and 170 S-D models, the last development stage of the W 136 series. Equipped with the more spacious body of the 170 S or 170 DS, they succeed the 170 Vb and 170 Db in the model range.
Mercedes-Benz 180 "Ponton Mercedes", 1953-57; brochure front cover from 1954 with a drawing by Hans Liska.
Mercedes-Benz 180