Sprinter presented as 4.6-tonner and as electric vehicle

  • Date
    15 - 25 September 1995
  • Description

    At the first "Mondial du Transport Routier" commercial vehicle show in Paris, Mercedes-Benz presents the Sprinter, introduced in early 1995, in a 4.6-tonne version and as an electrically powered vehicle with the model designation 308 E. Serving as energy accumulator for the 33 kW three-phase asynchronous motor in the Sprinter 308 E is a lead-gel battery designed for 600 charging cycles. Alternatively, the Sprinter 308 E also is available with a more powerful high-energy battery from AEG.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 308 E, electric drive, 1995
Mercedes-Benz 308 E
Mercedes-Benz 408 D Sprinter
Panel van, 1995
Mercedes-Benz 408 D