Walb, Willy

Walb, Willy
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Born on 12.03.1890 in Heidelberg.
Started as an engineer at Benz & Cie on 5th Oktober 1914 and worked at first in the aircraft engine department.
After World War I he undertook the position of Fritz Erle in test department under management of Dr. Berger. At the same time he also managed racing and was an active participant.
In 1923-1925 in that way he was a driver of Benz RH tear-drop car, factory driver in 1927 and in 1928 he took 3rd place at Grand Prix of Germany.
In 1934 he was a racing team manager at the Auto-Union and he took part there in the development of the rear engine racing car.
He finally stepped back from active racing sports and undertook the position of customer service manager of VW and Porsche main office in Stuttgart.
Wilhelm Walb died on 27.06.1962 in Stuttgart.