MB Baureihe 123

80F237 MB Baureihe 123
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    In January 1976, the large diversity of the new mid-range generation (W 123) is a big highlight for customers who are willing to wait up to one year for their car due to the great demand prevailing at the beginning. This is the reason why its predecessor is still produced at the same time, until December 1976. In the first year already, the 200, 230, 250, 280 and 280 E as well as the 200 D, 240 D and 300 D models are available. In addition to the saloon car, a coupé, a saloon with a long wheelbase and the first ex-factory T model estate car are available as of 1977. The five-door model is launched in September 1977. The T stands for "Tourism and Transport" and underlines the dual role of the upper mid-range vehicle designed for flexible use. The Mercedes-Benz T model presented in 1980 is the first passenger car in Germany equipped with a turbo diesel engine. At the same time, the 230 E, the first four-cylinder model by Mercedes-Benz with mechanical petrol injection has its debut. This series it the most successful E-Class generation: around 2.7 million vehicles are built, almost 2.4 million of which are saloon cars and a good 200,000 T models.
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