Press Information April 21, 1982

Press Information April 21, 1982
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    Press Information April 21, 1982
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    Press Kit. Hannover Messe 21.04. - 28.04.1982: Better Traction with Reduced Inflation Pressure. Daimler-Benz introduce Tyre Pressure Regulaton; Daimler-Benz Display: Daimler-Benz at the 1982 Hanover Trade Fair. Solutions to Current and Future Transport Problems; Trucks: Greater Efficiency at less cost. Newly developed Mercedes-Benz Contruction Site Vehicles; Unimog: Unimog and MB-Track at the Hanover Fair; Cross-country vehicles: Improvement to the Mercedes-Benz cross-country vehicle range, New 230 GE Four-Cylinder Model. The Engineering of the Mercedes-Benz Cross-country vehicles; Generator sets: Mercedes-Benz Diesel Engines. The economical drive system for Generator sets; Innovations: Auto 2000: Ready for the future of individual Transport; Mercedes-Benz Research Car: Mercedes-Benz Research Passenger Car. Technical data; Electrically powered car: Electric drive under review: Battery-Powered Research Car from Daimler-Benz; Hydrogen-driven car: Research into alternative energies at Daimler-Benz. Hydrogen Propulsion in Road Trail Operation; Thermal sieve: Product of broad research at Daimler-Benz: The Heat Filter

    Photo nunber: C32899 (oben 82104-7 / 00150768, unten 82104-30 / 00150769), C32900 (oben 82104-39, unten 82104-4), 81271-52,
    82100-16 (00150767), C32778, C32828, C32901 (00150775), C82090-314 (00150765), 82098-11, 82090-50 (82F75), C32895, 82110-14,
    82110-35 (Ersatz 82F57
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