Press Information October 4, 1984

Press Information October 4, 1984
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    Press Information October 4, 1984
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    Press Kit. Automobilsalon Paris 04.10. - 14.10.1984: Mercedes-Benz at the 1984 Paris Motor Show. Mercedes-Benz in France; Position strengthened; Mercedes-Benz in the French Market: Mercedes-Benz – Partner of French Industry; Passenger Cars: More savety and driving comfort, less maintenance: Detail-Improvement for Mercedes-Passerger Cars; Sporty, dynamic technology in an exclusive format: Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16; The Mercedes-Benz Car Range at the 71st Paris International Motor Show; Commercial vehicles: Daimler-Benz presents: Economical Trucks and attractive Buses; Daimler-Benz past and present: Centennial coming up in 1986. The achievement: The birth of the Car;: Daimler-Benz today

    Photo number: 84135-11 (85F92 Farbe), C35936 (oben rechts 83F155, oben links 83359-198, unten links 00158487, unten rechts 00158488) C36623 (00158541), C36622, 82092-23 (83F37 Ersatz), C35559, C36617, C36619, C36618 (00158540), C36621, C346620
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