Press Information November 26, 1984

Press Information November 26, 1984
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    Press Information November 26, 1984
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    Press Kit. Vorstellung W 124 in Sevilla, Spanien 26.11. - 08.12.1984: At a glance: Concept: Engineering that makes progess visible: The new Mercedes-Benz 200 D - 300 E; Results: The new Mercedes-Benz mid-range series 200 D - 300 E. The Technology of Automobile. Manufacturing today; Facts and figures: Performance and fuel consumption in comparison; Main Points: Environment: Environmental protection activities of Daimler-Benz. Polutant control in Mercedes-Benz cars; Safety: A multitude of Details. The safety concept of the Mercedes-Benz 124 model series; Design: The result of a homogeneous development project: The Mercedes-Benz Mid-Series, models 200 D - 300 E; Production: Quality and Flexibility in New Dimensions. The Mercedes-Benz W 124 in the coordinated production System; CAE: Why the W 124 series would be impossible without computers: CAE - Evolution at high Speed; Engineering: Engineering in Detail: Mercedes-Benz W 124 mid-series. The lastest in automotive Engineering; Propulsion: Engines, Four-cylinder carbureto an fuel-injected engines, Six-cylinder fuel injected engines, Diese engines, Transmissions, Propeller shaft; Chassis: Shock absorber strut independent front Suspension, Multi-link independent rear Suspension, Wheels/tyres, Steering, Brakes; Bodywork and interior appointements: Body Shell, Exterior, Interior, Heating/Ventilation, Electrical System; Protection against corrosion; Paintwork; Technical data: Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 200 D, Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 250 D, Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 300 D, Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 200, Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 230 E, Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 260 E, Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 300 E

    Photo number: B36854 (00158528, B36857 (00158529), C36906 (84397-52 oben rechts 00158514/84397-72 unten links 00158515/84397-184 unten rechts/84307-192 oben links 00158516), C36907 (84441-180/84F188 oben links, 84441-181/84F191A Mitte rechts, 84441-206/84F191 unten links, 84441-209/84F190 unten rechts, 84441-266 oben rechts 00158517, 84441-268 Mitte links 00158518), C36908 (8438730 unten 00158502, 84464-9 oben 00158520), C36910 (84466-97/84F270 oben, 84466-98/84F271 unten), C36938 (85F15 Farbe), 84389-1, 84447-57 (84F183 Farbe), 84448-6 (00158519)
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