Press Information April 13, 1983

Press Information April 13, 1983
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    Press Information April 13, 1983
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    Press Kit. Hannover Messe 13.04. - 20.04.1983: Daimler-Benz at the Hanover Fair 1983: Modern technology and future-oriented Research; Trucks made to measure: Purpos-built range, for reduced transport costs. Mercedes-Benz trucks made to measure; Unimog All-year round municipal Service: No idle time with the Unimog. All-year round municipal Service: Engines purring along; Mercedes-Benz Industrial engines purring along nicely. Driver training saves money: Driving economically doesn’t just mean savin fuel. Facts and figures from Daimler-Benz AG’s Truck Driver Information Service; Innovations: Large-Scale testing on the “Whispering” Mercedes Van; O-Bahn system from Daimler-Benz gains ground. DUO buses on the road and on rails; “The rolling mountain” or “Crossing a mountain pass on the flat”. Brake Trailer for car testing; No cold-start even in winter. Hybride pre-heater for the engine; Micro-electronics made the driver’s job easier. Cyvernetics research at Daimler-Benz

    Photo number: C34324 (00152947), A34286, C34309 (00152943), C34311 (00152944), C34316 (00152946), C34325 (00152948), C34025 (00152949),C34384 (00152949), 81388-33 (00114298), C34383 (oben 83F49, unten 83F52)
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