Press Information April, 1983

Press Information April, 1983
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    Press Information April, 1983
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    Press Kit. bauma 1983 München: New trucks help reduce running costs: Mercedes-Benz at the bauma 1983. New vehicle concepts helt to reduce operating costs. The Unimog even better Transport: The new Unimog U 1250: Implement carrier, transport vehicle and tractor; The Unimog, for profitable construction Operation. Versatile implement carrier and high-performance tractor; Euclid dump trucks with improved Engineering: Improved engineering for Euclid Trucks: Mercedes-Benz engines expand the range; Costing before and after buying: Costing before and after buying. Transport costs in the building industry make new considertions necessary

    Photo number: C34279 (00152941), A34344 (Ersatz C25951, G56992-5), 80041-127 (Ersatz 80041-51, 00084001), A34343 (00152930), C34293 (00152942), C34327, C34299, C34315 (00152945)
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