Press Information April 30, 1983

Press Information April 30, 1983
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    Press Information April 30, 1983
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    Press Kit. International Barcelona Motor Show 30.04. - 08.05.1983: Facts and figures: Mercedes-Benz in Spain; Daimler-Benz Today. Significance and position in the European motor industry, Commercial vehicles: Mercedes-Benz Espana further expands Van range; Specilaization reduces transport costs. Mercedes-Benz trucks made to measure; Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches in Spain, Passanger Cars: A Genuine Mercedes in a New Class: The 190 and 190 E at a glance; Light-weight design – occupant protection – aerodynamics. The bodyword design of the Mercedes-Benz 190/190 E; Individualistic transport, quality and progressive Engineering. The Mercedes-Benz car range
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