Press Information February 20, 1985

Press Information February 20, 1985
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    Press Information February 20, 1985
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    Press Kit. W 124 in Abu Dhabi: Daimler-Benz today; The new Mercedes-Benz mid-range series 200 d – 300 D. The technology of Automobile manufacture today; The result of a homogeneous development Project: The Mercedes-Benz mid-series, models 200 D – 300 E; 25 years of Nürburgring wins Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16’s contest opening race; Individualistic transport, quality and progressive Engineering. The Mercedes-Benz Car Range; Truck of the Year 1985: Mercedes-Benz 709 – 1320; Powerful tractors for heavy-duty Transport. Market introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty tractor; Service quality is not a matter of Chance. Systematic training of Mercedes-Benz Service personnel; Wörth. The Largest truck assembly plant in Europe; The path to international renown. Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz prepared the way for automotive Engineering

    Photo number: B36854 (00158528), B36857 (00158529), C34580 (00159217), C34988, C35559, C36620, C36975 (00159221), 84203-35 (R9977), 83364-17 (83F185 Farbe), C36907 (oben links 84F188, oben rechts 00158517, Mitte links 00158518, Mitte rechts 84F191A, unten links 84F191, unten rechts 84F190), C36910 (oben 84F270 Farbe, unten 84F271 Farbe), C36908 (oben 00158520, unten 00158502), 84578-7
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