Press Information February 3, 1986

Press Information February 3, 1986
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    Press Information February 3, 1986
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    Press Kit. Automatically controlled electronic traction Systems. ASR for commercial vehicles, ASR/4MATIC for cars, Presentation in Rovaniemi, 3rd to 8th February 1986: Comments from Ernst Göhring, Dipl.-Ing. head oft he testing departement for commercial vehicles at Daimler-Benz, on the occasion oft he presentation of the ASR/ABS driving dynamics concept for commercial vehicles. Rovaniemi, February 1986; Acceleration skid control : ASR for commercial vehicles; ASR and ABS Driving Dynamics System for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle. A contributon to active safety; The ASR system for commercial vehicles. - Technical aspects and function of the ASR Acceleration Skid Control System for Mercedes-Benz Commerical Vehicles; ASD – ASR – 4MATIC for cars: The driving dynamics concept from Daimler-Benz. A new dimension of active safety; 100 years of the automobile. The history of the commercial vehicle: 100 years of the automobile. Daimler-Benz and the history of commercial vehicles. Looking back and taking stock; Slides and photographs

    Fotonummer: C38904, C38905 (85624-29). C38906 (00159355, 85635-9a), C38907 (00159356, 85636-66), C38908 (oben 85632-30, unten 85622-32), C38954 (G9075, 9137, 46323), C38955, C38956 (00159361, oben U98735, unten 67M187), C38957 (00159362 (C24307, oben 74344-4), C38958 (oben 57281, unten 67563), C38959 (oben 32679, unten 29256), C38960 (95296, 95760, 97780), C38961 (b7473, G9344),
    00157348 oben (D38901), 00157249 Mitte (D38902), 00157250 unten (D38903), D38909 (00159372), D38910 (00157251), C38911 (00159373), D38912 (00159374), D38913 (00157252)
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