Press Information January 13, 1982

Press Information January 13, 1982
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    Press Information January 13, 1982
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    Press Kit. Salon Brüssel 13.01. - 24.01.1982: The Mercedes-Benz Range of exhibits and the 60th Internatinal Car Show in Brussels. Under the Banner of Technology and Saving Energy; Mercedes-Benz in Belgium: Mercedes-Benz retains its position on the Belgian Car Market; Newcomers to the Motorshow: Exclusiveness and awareness of energy: Mercedes-Benz Coupes 380 SEC and 500 SEC, Results of economically-oriented research and development: Mercedes-Benz-Energy Concept; Mercedes-Benz Engineering: Perfected occupant Protection. Mercedes-Benz offer the airbag and the belt tensioner, Greater Safety with the ABS; Daimler-Benz Today: Daimler-Benz today. Significance and Position in the European Motor Industry

    Photo number: 81282-73, 80382-43 (80F226 Farbe), 81142-175 (00150756), C28230, C31401, C31430 (00150773)
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