Press Information July, 1983

Press Information July, 1983
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    Press Information July, 1983
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    Press Kit. Pressekonferenz Hinrichs und Herzog in Tokio: Hans-Jürgen Hinrichs. Mermber oft he Daimler-Benz AG Executive Board, responsible for worldwide sales activities; Daimler-Benz Today; Daimler-Benz on a steady course with new models. 1983 was a good Mercedes year – investment once again increased; The Path to International Renown. Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz prepare the way for automotive engineering.

    Photo number: 00152964, Ersatz 85F106, C29176, U84056, 76045-60 (Ersatz 76045-113), 80161-19 (00086284), 81167-91, 82049-630 (00150830)
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