Press Information June 9, 1980

Press Information June 9, 1980
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    Press Information June 9, 1980
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    Press Kit. 4-Zylinder-Vorstellung Baden-Baden 09.06. - 14.06.1980: New Passenger Car Models: Higher output at lower fuel consumption. Daimler-Benz launches new four-cylinder engines 300 TD now also availbale with a turbocharges diesel engine – new four-speed Transmission, New Engines and Transmission: New four-cylinder engines from Daimler-Benz. High torque – low fuel consumption; New 3-Speed manual Transmission. Lighter – compact – shifts smoothly; Mercedes-Benz 300 TD Turbodiesel. Improved econoy at a sensible increase in power, Technical Details: Gasoline Engines: The new Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder gasoline engines, Development of Output: Power outpur of the new Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder petrol engines, Transmission: The new Mercedes-Benz four-speed mechanical Transmission, Vehicle: The vehicle with te new engines and the new Transmission, Diesel Engine with Turbocharger: The 5-Cylinder Diesel engine with exhaust gas turbocharder in the Mercedes-Benz 300 TD Turbodiesel
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