• 68407-34
    Mercedes-Benz 250 C / 250 CE
Coupé, 1968
    Mercedes-Benz 250 C / 250 CE
  • U32190
    Bertha Benz plays a key role in the development of the automobile. She fully supports her husband Carl Benz and, just like him, she strongly believes in the future of the automobile. During the economically critical first years she uses her dowry to safe the first company. In August 1888 and without further ado, Bertha Benz drives the Benz-patented motorcar from Mannheim to Pforzheim. She indeed manages to arrive there with her two sons Eugen and Richard. The framework conditions of this world’s first long-distance trip in an automobile – such as petrol supply from the chemist’s – are legendary and went down in the annals of automobile history. Thus, Bertha Benz and her sons play a key role in the triumph of petrol-driven automobiles.
    Benz patent motor car