Press Information March 7, 1985

Press Information March 7, 1985
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    Press Information March 7, 1985
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    Press Kit. Automobilsalon Genf (Pkw) 07.03. - 17.03.1985: Adress by Dr. Rudolf Hörnig, Daimler-Benz Managment Board Member for Research and Development, tot he Press Conforence in Geneva, 5th March 1985; Speech by Dr. Bernd Gottschalk, head of public relations, economic policy and transport matter at Daimler-Benz AG, at the Geneva Motor Show on 5th March 1985 in the “Parc des Eaux-Vives”; Mercedes-Benz at the 1985 Geneva International Motor Show. Swiss premiere for the new Mercedes Medium-Range Models – Imprssive overall range – Almost all models to be available with catalytic converter before year end; Mercedes-Benz 200 D – 300 E: The new Mercedes-Benz mid-range series 200 D – 300 E. The technology of automobile manufacture today; Quality and flexibility in new dimensions. The Mercedes-Benz W 124 in the coordinated production System; Why the W 124 series woud be impossible without computers: CAE – Evolution at high Speed; Car range: Individualistic transport, quality and progressive Engineering. The Mercedes-Benz car range; Facts and figures: Mercedes-Benz on the Swiss Market
    Satistactory results in 1984; Daimler-Benz Today

    Photo number 84135-39 (Ersatz 84135-7, 00158486 oder 84F89 Ersatz Farbe), 84484-20 (84F309 Ersatz Farbe), 85016-6 (00159190), A37479 (00159211), B36854 (00158528), C36907 (oben links 84F188, oben rechts 00158517, Mitte links 00158518, Mitte rechts 84F191A, unten links 84F191, unten rechts 84F190), C37358 (00159223)
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