Press Information October 13, 1982

Press Information October 13, 1982
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    Press Information October 13, 1982
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    Press Kit. Vorausinfo Birmingham Motor Show: ABS Anti-Lock braking for Mercedes Trucks in Britain; Economy-tailored driveline in Mercedes 1633 S Turbo Flagship. Low-revs and fuel saving torque – with 328 bhp. 40 tonne Performance; Bigger V6 engine in redesigned Mercedes Cruiserweight. New 1621 S ready for 34 tonne working; Eleven-Tonner fills gap in the Range; Performance boost up-to-5 Tonne GVW Mercedes Models. Five-speed gearbox with more diesel and petrol power; Refinements on Mercedes tilt-cab rigids; More Power for Mercedes Drawbar Working. V8-engined 1625 designed for 38 tonne gtw; Mercedes Claim Dual Benefit for ne Rear-Steer. “Trucker’s Truck” novelty from Mercedes at Nec

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