Press Information September 13, 1984

Press Information September 13, 1984
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    Press Information September 13, 1984
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    Press Kit. Modern bus production at the Mannheim plant 13.09. - 14.09.1984: Speech by Horst Zimmer, Head of the Daimler-Benz AG Bus Division, ant the presentation of the new bus manufacturing facilities in Mannheim on 13th September 1984. The news final assembly of Mercedes-Benz buses; New manufacturing techniques. Daimler-Benz introduces new principle in bus assembly. The new body shop for the Mercedes-Benz bus model O 405; New production facilities for O 405 standard regular service bus; Increases automation improves quality and flexibility. The Mannheim plant Buses, engines, foundry; Daimler-Benz Mannheim – a factory with a long Tradition. Leading role in bus-Building. One of the largest producers of Diesel engines; News in Brief: Buses from Manneim in future also in Great Britain, Mercedes-Benz Club Bus with turbocharged engine, New Mercedes-Benz O 402 regular service bus, Increases safety in emergencies, Touring coaches with fold-down armrests, Work on O-Bahn in Australia steadily progressing

    Photo number 84384-43 (00158499), A36578 Farb-Negativ (00158527), 84384-82, A36577 Farb-Negativ (00158526), C36574 (00158539), C36573 (00158538), 84384-17 (00158498), 84384-5 (00158497), 84384-51 (00158500), 84384-66 (00158501), 00158483, 00158484, 00158485
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